How to Roll a Joint for Beginners

Joints are the most popular and iconic method for consuming cannabis and it is also the best way to fully enjoy the flavor of your weed. Now that Medical Marijuana Online has become increasingly legalized and decriminalized, we are seeing a growing number of marijuana novices who are looking to learn how to roll the perfect joint. Everyone who smokes marijuana should learn how to roll perfect joints every time, so they can enjoy their marijuana in its best possible form. While joint rolling is definitely not rocket science, it is very important that you develop a solid technique that allows the weed to burn smoothly and evenly to maximize your joint-smoking experience. We have developed this brief guide on how to roll a joint for beginners so that you will have all the basic information that you need to work on your technique and become a master at rolling joints. There is a whole world of joint-rolling techniques and styles out there, but these basic principles will provide you with a solid foundation, no matter where your joint rolling adventures take you.

If you are ready to learn, grab your gear and let’s get started.

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Before you start, you will need to have these essential tools and ingredients.

  • Your Medical marijuana: Which you can order from order cannabis online ( ). They are reliable, fast, and friendly and ships only top-grade cannabis buds. They have the sole purpose of spreading cannabis around the globe and thereby creating a community friendly towards the marijuana sale, buying and consuming. As your skills develop, you will be able to basically roll up anything anywhere anytime, and have a perfect joint as a result. However, to start out it is best to find some Best quality marijuana which could be sativa, Indica or Hybrid that is neither too sticky nor too dry. Eliminate as much of the stem as possible.


  • Rolling papers:Buy some large or even extra-large rolling papers, as the standard sizes make fairly small joints, which take more skill to roll properly. Definitely aim for medium to lighter thickness for your papers, though avoid the ultra-thin brands.


  • Crutch materials:This material is for making the filter or “crutch” for your joint. Conveniently, rolling paper packaging works perfectly, but any sort of light cardboard type material will do.


  • Cannabis grinder:These are all pretty standard, and can be found  on weed for sale websites  or here
  • Pen or pencil:Here you really only need something to help pack the marijuana down lightly once you are done rolling it, so anything that has a thin pointy end will work.



Use your grinder to break the marijuana down into the shake. If the marijuana is properly dried, then it should break down into small chunks easily. If it is too dry, then you will end up with an almost powder-like shake, which will be difficult to roll with.


Grinders keep your hands from getting sticky, which prevents them from getting stuck on the rolling paper in later steps. If you do not own a grinder, then you can break the marijuana down by hand or use scissors, but try to wash your hands after to get rid of the stickiness.


Next, you want to make your crutch, which is also known as a filter or tip. Your crutch can be made from almost anything, but anything that is close to thin cardboard, like a business card, is a solid and safe choice. Begin by making some small “accordion” folds at the cardboard’s end, then roll the remaining material up until it is around the thickness that you want to make the joint. A crutch is never absolutely necessary, but it will help to keep your shake from falling out into your mouth when you smoke. It will also add a little stability to your joint and will allow you to fully enjoy every bit of your marijuana without singeing your fingertips. If you are sharing the joint, then the crutch will also help to keep the end from getting unattractively soggy with other people’s saliva.


Fill your paper with the crutch and your shake. When your paper has the proper amount of shake, you can start to shape and form the joint using your fingers.


Once you have loaded the shake and shaped the joint, it is time to pack. Gently roll the paper back and forth using the index fingers and thumbs of both hands, adding or removing shake as necessary until you have the desired size and proper form.


This is the crucial step that will make or break your joint’s final quality. Tuck the side of the paper that is unglued into the roll, and then use the edge with glue to tack down one of the paper’s ends. Use only a small amount of moisture. When the paper is tacked on that end, you can now work down the remainder of the seam, tucking and sealing your joint from one end to the other as you go.


To finish, you want to pack down the end to ensure that the joint burns evenly. Pencils and pens are great, but just about anything in the same basic shape will work. Some good alternatives for when you are outside or on the move are laces or drawstrings, or a small stick. If you are not going to spark the joint immediately, then you will want to close the joint’s tip with a small twist.


Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Pay attention to how the joint burns to get a feel for how you can improve the next time you roll one. Practice makes perfect, and the best joint rollers spend many years perfecting their craft. Fortunately, you get to smoke all the resulting joints, which is a nice bonus as you work toward mastering joint rolling.


Once you have mastered this basic guide on how to roll a joint for beginners, the wide world of joint rolling will now open to you. There are all kinds of different materials, themes and styles for you to explore, which provides an endless adventure in joint rolling that makes smoking marijuana that much more fun.

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